Los Alamitos Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

LAOSPT is a physical therapy clinic that serves the Los Alamitos area. The responsive website provides a detailed, informational look into the clinic, staff and services. The website also aims to convert visitors into potential clients of the business through the landing page design.

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Photo composition of los alamitos website


The physical therapy clinic wished to set up an informational site which would assist new users in learning about the business, and ultimately converting these users into new patients. I was in charge of the creation of an immersive, up-to-date web page for the clinic, from design up to creating the website and updating any changes desired.

Languages & Technologies

  • Wix
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
About us page screenshot


The process began by gathering information on the clinic. I first had the clinic write up the information they wanted posted on the site. Once I had the details and I began templating the layout and design using Figma. I chose Wix for the project, as to teach the clinic staff on how to use and manage it in the event they needed to add something to the website and I was unavailable. I also created a backup for them using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as a practice project.

Challenges & Solutions

This was the first website I had to create and manage professionally. As such, the challenge at hand was to figure out how I wanted to approach building this project. I decided on Wix due to the ability for the ease of access for the business. Having knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I found Wix to be very simple to use once I had gotten the hang of it, and I was able to teach the staff how to use it as well.

About us page screenshot
About us page screenshot